Monday, October 12, 2009

West Point and Eight Illustrious Civil War Generals

In the nineteenth century, West Point had become the epitamy of military professionalism. A place where bonding sculpted boys into men. And where the cadets often braved demerits to frequent the infamous Benny Haven's Tavern; some to partake in hot flips, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Other cadets braved the journey to enjoy home cooked meals while unwinding for a few hours without the demands of the West Point Academy.

Eight of these illustrious men eventually became Generals in the Civil War; some served the Union, some served the Confederacy.

Robert E. Lee became superintendent of West Point in 1852 and graduated with Joseph Eggleston Johnston in 1829. William Tecumsah Sherman and George Henry Thomas graduated in 1840, Ulysses Simpson Grant graduated in 1843, Thomas Jonathan Jackson in 1846, James Ewell Brown Stuart in 1854, and the last in his class of 1861, George Armstrong Custer.

George Armstrong Custer surrendered many a demerit to Benny Haven's and Flirtation walk; where kisses were shared. But the antic which almost lost Custer his military career was the confiscated rooster cooked on a gas burner in his dorm.

Tidbit: George Armstrong Custer was fond of Apple Jack. He always carried a Bible. General Ulysses Simpson Grant's favorite wine was Norton; a dry red wine.

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