Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fatal Catch Writing Process Blog Tour and Upcoming Information

I will be blogging about Fatal Catch and My Writing Process on the Writing Process Blog Tour at: on Monday, March 31, 2014. At the end of the blog, there will be a place to leave a comment. I will be giving away two print copies of Fatal Catch. Fatal Catch has just been reduced on Kindle to 99 cents for the next couple weeks. It is available on Kindle, print and on Nook but the price is different.
Check out History Lover's Cookbook on Kindle. It has been a top 100 paid Best Seller on Amazon Kindle for most of 2013-14. Read some of the 56 reviews while you are there:
Monday, March 24th, my good friend, John Lindermuth, author of 12 novels, five of which are in the Stick Hetrick's series. Mr. Lindermuth is a retired newspaper editor/writer and now a librarian of his county's historical society. Please stop by and read his wonderful post. He is a very talented author.
We will both be writing about what we are working on, how our work differs from others in its genre, why we write, and how our writing process works.
Don't forget to check out my first mystery, Leave No Trace published by Whiskey Creek Press. It is available in print, Barnes and Noble-Nook, Amazon Kindle and at WCP.

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