Monday, July 30, 2012

About This Blog

The recipes on this blog are inspired by nineteenth century receipts, some without measurements. The articles included are about the history of foods used on this blog in recipes. You will also find many articles about the history of foods before and during the Civil War.

I have researched many great Civil War cook books and found that they aren't selling well. One of the difficulties in History Lover's Cookbook is that it fits into two categories, cookbooks and history. This makes the book difficult for retailers to place it.

In conclusion, History Lover's Cookbook, is based on anecdotes of the Civil War and recipes INSPIRED by the nineteenth century. I feel that knowing the types of foods eaten during this period are also important to our history. One could go on forever in composing a book about the subject.

Therefore, I have used the ingredients of the actual nineteenth century recipes but with my own directions. I also encourage re-enactors to use replica items to cook with or drink from. We don't want to damage the integrity of an antique nor do we want to come down with some illness from cooking with containers not food-safe.


Roxe Anne Peacock
Leave No Trace
Fatal Catch

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