Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rose Water

Gather the damask rose leaves; have a tin pan that will fit under your warm-pan; wring a thin towel out of water, spread it over the pan, and put rose leaves on this about two inches thick, put another wet towel on top of the leaves, and three or four thicknesses of paper on it; put hot embers in the warming-pan, and set it on top of the paper, propped up so as not to fall, when you renew the coals, sprinkle the towel that is at the top of the rose leaves; when all the strength is out of the leaves, they will be in a cake; dry this, and put in your drawers to scent the clothes; put another set of leaves in, sprinkle the towels, and so on till you have used up all your rose leaves. Rose water is a very nice seasoning for cake or pudding; it should be kept corked tightly.
Domestic Cookery, by Elizabeth Ellicott Lea, page 148, Baltimore: Cushings and Bailey, 1869

Modern note: Make sure if you make rose water, the roses are organic or aren't sprayed with any pesticides. You can purchase rose water in ethnic sections of some stores.

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