Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ham Sandwiches

Cut some slices of bread in a neat shape, and trim off the crust, unless it is very tender. Butter them and lay between every two some thin slices of cold boiled ham. Spread the meat with a little mustard if you like.

Ground ham makes delicious sandwiches. Cut the bread very thick, and butter well. Put in a good layer of ham, and press the two sides of sandwiches firmly but gently, together. Then roll lengthwise, and pile in a plate or basket.
Common Sense in the Household, by Marion Harland, page 151, New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co., 1873

Tidbit: London correspondent, William H. Russell for "The Times", made a container of tea, packed sandwiches wrapped in brown paper, filled a flask with brandy, and then grabbed a bottle of light Bordeaux for his trip to cover the first battle of the Civil War.

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